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  • We have provided comfortable and safe motor coach services for over 10 years.Our mission is to provide safe, enjoyable, and affordable motor coach transportation in New England and beyond.


As part of Sunshine Travel Business, Morning Sun Bus Company has been in transportation business for over 20 years. We have put all our effort to work for our customers. Our mission is to provide safe, enjoyable, and affordable motor coach and van transportation in New England and beyond. We have successfully operated different charter service, tour service, commuter transportation service in New England and beyond. Our skilled drivers ensure every journey is safe, comfortable and enjoyable as we can make it. Our commitment is to provide the community we serve with a great transportation service, easy accessible, and easy to get you where you want to go.


Our drivers are professional, highly skilled, friendly, and responsible. You will never need to worry about the safety. In addition, they will arrive on time for your pickup, and deliver you on time.


We are dedicated in making your trip more comfortable. Our cleaning crew worked very hard to take care of each vehicle upon return.

Customer Service

Our office staffs are always here helping customer needs, and will work hard to do what it takes to make the trip memorable.

Grocery Delivery

For the past two decades, Morning Sun Bus Co., Inc. has been a pillar of support for the Asian community in New England, providing jobs to immigrant workers and efficient and economical transportation service to the community in which they live. The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the lives of all Americans, but it has disproportionately affected the Asian American community. In these difficult times, Morning Sun Bus partnered with Kam Man Food to deliver groceries and food product to the communities. And more, Morning Sun Bus and QARI ( Quincy Asian Resources) partnered with Kam Man Foods to deliver groceries and food products to the underserved Asian community, specifically seniors who don’t feel safe going to the market. We have delivered in Massachusetts and beyond.

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